Brothers and Sisters,

As we deal with this difficult time due to COVID-19, be assured that our office is working relentlessly to get you answers and guidance needed to get through this pandemic and what will best serve our entire membership.

Our union family as well as your family are the utmost concern to our officers and staff. Over the next few weeks and months, we will be doing our best to keep our web site up to date with pertaining information concerning COVID-19.

We continue to get information from various resources and we have set up the COVID-19 tab on this web site for you to reference. Please be sure to check the date of any info we have posted. If you have more current information, we are glad to look into it and let all our members be aware of it.

We have already adjusted some work rules in order to keep our members safe and others may be coming.

We hope we can help our members to continue to collect a paycheck but if you feel you are working in an unsanitary or unsafe condition, we will make sure our contractors and the GC’s are aware that we deserve a safe and healthy workplace free from seriously recognized hazards.

Keep in mind there may be some items or questions that may be out of our control based on NYS or Federal law.


Below are additional COVID 19 Resource web sites

Federal CDC Coronavirus update web site

NY State Coronavirus Dept. of Health web site

SMART International COVID 19 Resource page

North American Building Trades COVID-19 Resources page

Please also see our most recent newsletter for further information.

To all our members please stay SAFE!!